Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ok im not trying to put anybody down or call anybody out on their beliefs about religion this is just my opinion about it. Ok me personally i don't believe in god. In my mind god is just s symbol of hope for people to look to when times are tough and they need help. It makes people feel like their not alone in this world, like they always have somebody or something to turn to when they need help. I believe the world and the universe weren't created by some all powering force, they were created by chemicals, gasses, and energy. Some people that i talk about this are like ok then where did that stuff come from and they always say god, and then i ask them then where did god come from and they all say he was just there. And to me thats stupid to say that God can just be there but chemicals cant. Sometimes people are so arrogant to open their mind to other things insted they just listen to what everybody tells them. They don't try and figure things out for themselves they wait for people to give them the answer and accept it, and believe what they hear and not even question it one single bit. Well thats all i have time for today. I'll be putting up a new blog up everyday about things that matter in the world that we live in today. So stay tuned and comment my blogs if you want to debate something or have a question.

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  1. This is very very true....!!Theres way to many theories so i just dont belive in anything.People need to stop worrying about how it was made or who made it an worry about keeping it healthy :)

  2. thank you finally somebody agress with my way of thinking haha

  3. you have to have faith