Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obama: How Is He Running The Country?

Ok this post is about how well obama is doing so far in his presidency. So far he has passed a bill to move all the people from guantanamo bay to a town near Kansas City, He's Running 60% of the nations bank, automiobile, Social security, and trying to run healthcare, and on top of that he had raised 2 trillion dollars in debt to america. Its almost as if hes trying to run the country, Hmm.. where have we seen that before, oh yes in Russia, North Korea, Cuba, And Germany. And where did all those countries end up in, dictatorships. Doesnt that seem odd to you that Obama is trying to do the same thing to America. Also He allegidly isn't a U.S citizen. Oh yes they have no Birth cirtificate of his, no record of where he went to school, everything is either lost or hidden. And what is the government doing about this... Absolutely nothing. They actually try to conceal it from the public eye. Doesnt that seem weird that they're trying to hide all of that stuff from the public. The Government is lieing to you. Like they always do. So as of now i rate Obama with a D, because he might stillb e able to turn the country around but hes not doing so well right now. well thats all i have time for today.

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