Thursday, August 13, 2009

Michael Jackson's Death

Ok his death was blown way out of proportion. It got way to much publicity and people made way to big a deal out of it. I mean it sucks that hes dead, he was michale jackson, but people actually morned for the guy, and they didnt even know who he was. His funeral was like a fucking concert, there were so many people there, and i think thats stupid. A funeral should be a place where your loved ones go to say goodbye for the last and final time, not where theres a media circus and millions of people that the family doesnt even know. To me its just ridiculous. But oh well its over and gone, but only one positive thing came from his death, People all over the world began listening to his music and understood why he was so famous, he was the king of pop. R.I.P Michale jackson you will forever change the world.

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